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A really short history of Panama

The isthmus of Panama emerged to connect to Central America with South America 22 million years ago. 

This is a small country with around 4 million people, but with a big task, connecting the world. The Panama Canal is one of the seven world marvels. 


The old Panama City was founded in 1519 by the Spanish Pedrarias Davila, after that the Panamanian people claimed and fought until they got their independence from Spain in 1821. 


But we join voluntarily to Great Colombia, until 1903 when Panamanian people claimed and fought again by their separation and total sovereignty. 

The United States of America

However, when Panama became in a Republic, it signed a treaty with the United States of America to build up the Panama Canal, which opened in 1914.

The United States of America also administrated the Canal and got appropriated of a part of Panama called the Canal Zone.

In that Zone, the people of the united states lived with their own rules. Then, Panamanian people started another fighting for their total sovereignty.

Total sovereignty

Finally, in 1977 was signed the Torrijos-Carter Treaty to give the Panama Canal administration to Panamanian people and ordered the closure of whole the military bases in Panamanian territory.

No more Canal Zone, Panama got its total sovereignty on December 31th, 1999.

Panama today

Today, we can say Panama is a young Republic with a long history of fighting and looking for its sovereignty. 

Panamanian people are hard-worker with a noble heart. 

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