In my last post "a really short history of Panama" I mentioned the Panama Canal, but I did not talk too much about it, so I want to tell you a little be about it. 

The Panama Canal is the multimodal logistics center of the Americas, moving 5% of world maritime trade and more than 13,200 TEUs per year.

Last year, the transit by the Canal was 13,795 with a record of 442.1 million tons of cargo. 

The Canal has 144 sea routes and, 160 user countries. 

Around the Panama Canal, it offers Transshipment, Distribution, Handling, Value-added services, such as shipyards, fuel, etc.


Panama has the world's largest state-owned ship registry, with more than 8,000 ships with a total gross tonnage of 220 million, representing 16% of the world´s ocean-going fleet. 

Panama has been a leader in the market since 1993, 27 years.

Panama has a presence around the world through 53 Privative Consulates of Merchant Marine and 12 international technical offices. 

The Privative Consulates offers services such as vessel registration and seafarers certificates, etc.

Panama has been a member of the Category A of the Council of International Maritime Organization since 2003, 17 years.

In Panama, vessel owners will have legal certainty and financial security, guaranteed by the national government to support their investments.