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Why is TikTok socially and politically revelant?

We cannot ignore what is happening in the world with technology, nether what is happening to young people. When young people take something massively, something in the world will change. 

TikTok has more than 500 million users in the world. TikTok is a mix between Spotify, Snapchat, and Instagram histories. 

This App allows you to make videos of 15 minutes long with music. So, that is fun for young people to express themselves that way.


TikTok was created by Zhan Yiming.

It was created in 2012, was called Bytedance. Its creator's idea was to make an App for e-learning. They wanted to create short videos to educate people on easy was. 

In September 2016, was designed the first App with the name "". Little time later, the designers change that terrible name by Douyin. That was the version to work in China.

In September 2017, the company grew, and the owners decided to expand outside of China, so they changed the name to TikTok. 

In November 2017, they bought the company "" by a price of 1 billion dollars. was a social network that allowed people to make videos using music. 

In January 2018, TikTok was App number 1 in many App Stores. Most of the people that downloaded it was young people and some American celebrities begin to use it. 

How are the youngs revolution the world using TikTok? 

Littel by littel the TikTok has using more than Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Some years ago, youngs used Twitter to express themselves. After that, they used Facebook, then Instagram. But now, The adolescents, the new generation uses TikTok.

Pay attention at this point. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were Northamerican App, but TikTok is a Chinese App. 

TikTok becomes in a geopolitical and technology war between EE.UU., and China. And many American newspapers began to attack this App, telling that China will take all your information from your smartphone. Something like that happened with Zoom.

In 2019, TikTok ranked as the most downloaded App in Apple Store with over 33 million downloads.

Now, the digital influencers are in TikTok, as Loren Gray with 60 million of followers. 

Many people talk about their opinions on social and political issues, as @crisssa_ace, who publish a video in rejection of racial discrimination in the United States. 

Or the user @reynaa_v.g in Mexico, who made a video rejecting violence against women.

Today, TikTok is one of the most relevant spaces on the internet to express, mainly youngs in their own way.

We cannot take off relevance to the young's voices, neither the channel they use to express themselves. 

One of the most recent facts was the latest Donald Trump's rally, where Trump expected around 1 million people. But, thanks to a "prank in TikTok" the stadium was almost empty.  

People, mainly young, made a challenge to book a site in the stadium that day, but not came. And people accepted the challenge. From the million they expected, only got about 6 thousand people.

The digital platform matter. The social Network matter. The young people matter. Technology matter. 

That is why you cannot stay behind, you have to learn to use any new App and digital tool. Don't lose time criticizing, learn, and keep going, join to new technology and listen to everyone, old and young people.

This world is in continuo moving, and always it has new issues. Be part of the solution. 

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  1. Viene la guerra digital que tanto se habla. A ver quien domina el mercado mundial con las nuevas tecnologías.

  2. Así es! De hecho, la guerra comercial que Trump (EE.UU) le montó a Xi (China), realmente comenzó por temas de tecnología y “derechos de autor”. En el trasfondo de todo este tema comercial, EEUU le reclamaba a China por apropiarse de tecnología de empresas americanas que se instalaron en China para reducir costos. El precio de la mano de obra barata fue muy alto.


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